JB Gillet's line


Flo Mirtain's Part


Honey Pot Wheels - Julien Mérour PRO Series

Julien has a combination of technical and aggressive skateboard that makes his style unique and so good to watch.

Filmed and edited: Daniel Galli

Additional footage: Alex Greemann, Julien Deniau, Daniel Flusser, Henner Figueiredo, Mario Cano, Adilson Rodriguez, Tristan Zumbach and Christoffer Emil Wellendorf. Drone: Daniel Galli

Music: Tess Park - Life is but a dream and Tess Park - Somedays

Filmed on: Panasonic GH4 Panasonic Hmc-150 GoPro Hero 3+Black DJI Phantom 2 + Zenmuse H3-3D 2015, Barcelona, Spain.


Honey Pot Wheels - Gustavo Malagoli AM Series

We are proud to Introduce Gustavo Malagoli's "AM Series" signature model by Honey Pot Wheels.

Filmed by: Cesar Hideki, Henrique "Kico" de Souza and Rafael Galvão.

Edited by: Daniel Galli

Music by: Just Blaze - Tough Love (Instrumental)


Honey Pot Wheels - Adrien Coillard AM Series

We are proud to Introduce Adrien Coillard's "AM Series" signature model by Honey Pot Wheels.

Filmed by: Daniel Galli

Additional footage: Bastian Godoy and Vincent Jugnet

Music by: La Femme - Packshot


Honey Pot Wheels - Marcelo Garcia AM Series

We are proud to Introduce Marcelo Garcia's "AM Series" signature model by Honey Pot Wheels.

Filmed by: Guilhermo Guillis

Additional footage: Rafael Galvão

Music by: Pedro Santos - Quem sou eu?


Honey Pot Wheels - Murilo Romão LA x SF Remix

Warm up edit with @instamolusco before we release his Pro Model wheels video part. Footage from @odpbrasil in L.A. and San Francisco. Filmed by @marcosavino Edited by @dgalli and music by @akayoka


Honey Pot Wheels - Wilton Souza Introducing

We are proud to introduce Wilton Souza in our AM team, amazing style and skills.

Filmed by: Bruno Fernando


Honey Pot Wheels & Blaze Supply BH Tour

Blaze Supply and Honeypot gathered for a 4 days tour in Belo Horizonte, capital of Minagerais.


Honey Pot Wheels Team 2014

We are proud to present our 2014 team!
Estamos orgulhosos em apresentar nossa equipe em 2014!

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    Honey Pot Wheels is a French-Brazilian brand created in 2013 in Lyon by a group of friends that grew up in, and are passionated by the European skateboard scene. The brand translates skateboarding lifestyle to quality designs and fresh concepts.